Stakeholder Benefits

The Climateers network of Local Climate Solutions Ecosystems like we are piloting with Food Waste in Victoria, Australia has been designed to create benefits for all stakeholders.

We help connect people and organisations with Climate Opportunity and benefit from the power of effective collaborations.

Food Waste Recycling Company



We are doing a pilot launch of our global network to reduce food waste and rewrite the end of the climate crisis story this decade.

Food Waste Victoria is our first step.

Our approach is to accelerate the success of organisations like yours. We do this by bringing stakeholders together in Victoria to facilitate more conversations that lead to connections and collaboration. In particular, we hope to engage the wider food industry, so we get you more business and keep more food waste out of landfill.

We are building out a stakeholder directory and map of the Victorian Food Waste ecosystem and conducting a survey to identify the most effective levers to be pulled.

We will then collate the findings into an Industry report and give you a free copy.

It’s ‘forever free’ to participate (although we do have premium sponsorship advertising).

If you wanted to get more involved and receive more free exposure, we’d love to have you as part of a series of brief zoom interviews for a podcast series ‘Food Waste Conversations’ to share learnings and success stories.

Please visit our website to see how we would be promoting you and the industry. Under the ‘Take Action’ section you’ll see there are buttons to claim your listing and complete the survey. We also are creating an online Colab space to begin the conversations and we’d love to have you as part of it.

The steps we would ask you to take are:

  1. Claim your Food Waste Victoria directory listing
  2. Fill out a brief survey for the Industry Report
  3. Book a call to find out more and consider doing a quick zoom podcast interview 
  4. Join our online collaboration space for Food Waste Victoria