Climate Action SPAN Plans

¬†Coming Soon…

Making it easy to take Climate Action and Unlock Opportunities


Our Climate Action SPAN plan system  will help people and organisations identify their Skills, Passions, Assets, Networks and other superpowers. This system will enable us to matchmake you with opportunities like:

  • Career opportunities
  • Local volunteer opportunities at Food Charities
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Online courses
  • Events and seminars
  • and many more

We have set up the survey that will enable our system to develop recommended actions to suit your needs and connect you with the opportunities you seek.

While our developers are getting our system up and running we’d love to see you fill out the survey so we can set you up with an account as soon as its ready.

We’ve put together a few screenshots to give you an idea of what the system will be like when it goes live.


You will then be able to step through the Climate Action Questionnaire that we currently have running on our ‘Jotform’ survey.



After you’ve completed the questions (or as many as you choose to), our system will then matchmake you with tasks and activity recommendations.



Accepting and declining suggestions will automatically build your ‘To Do List’ of Climate actions.



The ‘More Info’ buttons will lead to the detailed instructions and then you come back and for the tasks youve done, you ‘Mark Complete’ and these are then transferred to your Climate Journey Diary.