Food Waste Rollout Blueprint

 iThe following outline is how have designed the Local Rollout Plan.

No doubt there will be lots of learnings and this first pass will be revised, but here’s our initial process:

  1. Identify stakeholders and onboard the main wave to the directory with logos (COMPLETE)
  2. Identify key personnel at organisations via LinkedIn (and email) and initiate engagement (PARTIALLY COMPLETE)
  3. Hire the team to engage and onboard stakeholders (PARTIALLY COMPLETE)
  4. Engage stakeholders via LinkedIn with the links to the Survey, their Listing and the Food Waste website and Zoom interview them for the Industry Report and events (UNDERWAY)
  5. Onboard and engage with new members on the Spaces platform
  6. Build volunteer teams 
  7. Meet and Greet Zoom event for individuals to pitch/intro themselves
  8. ‘Meet the Climate Heroes’ Zoom event for organisations to pitch/intro themselves
  9. Compile and pre-launch Industry Report
  10. Sponsorship and membership sales
  11. Launch Industry report and run initial  ‘Action Summit’ event with guest speakers, Q&A panel and breakout workshops
  12. Sponsorship Sales

Explore our Getting Started Guide within the Food Waste Victoria Space to see how you can best get involved.